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29 Jan 2024

14 synthetic ice rinks in Spain this Christmas

Unreal Ice consolidates its leadership in Spain, where it has installed 14 iceless skating rinks in Spain this Christmas, both on the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.Municipalities, event companies and shopping malls have not only been interested in renting synthetic ice skating rinks, but have also relied on other innovative […]

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30 Oct 2023

Synthetic ice rink sold to luxury hotel in Bahrain

Unreal Ice has just sold an artificial ice rink to a luxury hotel in Manama owned by the royal family of Bahrain. This 200m2 (2,150 square feet) ice skating rink will be installed between the pool and the beach, allowing users something unique: ice skating on the beach at over 30ºC (86ºF). Unreal Ice ecological […]

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25 Oct 2023

13 Synthetic ice rinks rented in Portugal this Christmas

Unreal Ice’s eco-friendly ice rinks are becoming very popular in Portugal. This Christmas, 13 artificial ice skating rinks will be installed for rent in this European country. Once these synthetic ice rinks are dismantled after 3-4 weeks of use, they will be cleaned, inspected and put up for sale. If you want to rent or […]

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14 Oct 2023

3 synthetic ice rinks sold in France

Unreal Ice has just received 3 new orders from France. Specifically, there are 2 curling rinks for an events company and a home ice rink that will serve as a Christmas gift for a family. Unreal Ice’s synthetic ice panels have endless possibilities, from hockey rinks, recreational skating rinks, artistic rinks or even curling rinks […]

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13 Oct 2023

Eight new synthetic ice rinks in Singapore

Unreal Ice has reached an agreement with one of the main shopping center chains in this Asian country to install ecological ice rinks in 8 of its shopping malls. The installation will take place during the Christmas season and the dimensions of the skating rinks will range between 50m2 (538 sq. ft.) and 150m2 (1,614 […]

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10 Oct 2023

Three curling rinks sold in Amsterdam

Unreal Ice not only sells synthetic ice rinks but also countless attractions that allow you to enjoy winter sports all year round. We have recently sold 3 curling rinks made with artificial ice to an events company in the Netherlands. The possibility of installing the tracks in just 10 minutes and using them under any […]

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03 Oct 2023

Synthetic ice rink in the Canary Islands

Unreal Ice will install an ecological ice rink in the Canary Islands for the second consecutive year. This year it will triple its size and will be 150m2 (1,600 sq. ft.). Our iceless skating rinks can be used under any weather conditions and are ideal for providing a Christmas atmosphere in warm climates. If you […]

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25 Sep 2023

Giant snow globe sold in the US

Unreal Ice’s catalog not only includes synthetic ice rinks, but also giant snowballs, curling rinks, bumper cars, artificial snow, etc. We just sold a snowball to an events company located around Chicago, IL (USA). This is a recurring customer who has been trusting in the quality of our products since 2017 and already has several […]

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21 Sep 2023

Bumper cars ice rink

Unreal Ice has just rented 2 synthetic ice rinks to an events company that will install a 330m2 (3,550 sq ft) ice skating rink and another 70m2 (750 sq ft) ice skating rink for the exclusive use of ice bumper cars. Both tracks will be installed for the third consecutive year in the Spanish city […]

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