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10 May 2023

Introducing Unreal Ice Rinks in Florida

No ice, no problem. Now it is possible to ice skate all year round indoors and outdoors in any weather condition thanks to Unreal Ice synthetic ice rinks. From May 15 to 18 we will be presenting all the advantages of the best synthetic ice rinks in Florida. If you are interested in meeting with […]

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17 Apr 2023

Bumper cars on ice sold in Bulgaria

Unreal Ice is considered the best synthetic ice company in the world for its unique accessories like bumper cars on ice.This week we have sold 4 ice bumper cars to a luxury hotel located in the center of Bulgaria.Accessories such as curling rinks, bumper cars or giant snow globes make synthetic ice skating rinks a […]

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17 Apr 2023

Curling rink sold in Corsica

Unreal Ice has sold an artificial curling rink to an events company in the south of Corsica (France) specialized in the rental of portable attractions. The synthetic ice panels are used not only for skating but also for playing curling, an Olympic sport that has become very popular now that it is possible to practice […]

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02 Feb 2023

New sale in Lithuania

An amusement park in Lithuania will install a 200m2 (2,150 sq. ft.) synthetic ice rink with bumper cars this summer. At this time of year, many clients like this take the opportunity to buy slightly used ice rinks and accessories from Christmas rentals. Unreal Ice checks and cleans each of these attractions in order to […]

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29 Dec 2022

Synthetic ice rink sold in Reunion Island

Unreal Ice has sold an artificial ice rink on Reunion Island, a beautiful island belonging to France but located in Africa, next to Madagascar. The high temperatures that this island territory has throughout the year make an ecological ice rink the ideal solution for skating in these latitudes. Unreal Ice offers synthetic ice rinks for […]

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21 Dec 2022

Synthetic ice rink in Illinois

Unreal Ice will install a new artificial ice rink on the outskirts of Chicago (USA) this Christmas. The client, a local events company, already had another synthetic ice rink, a curling rink and a giant snowball and has once again trusted Unreal Ice to acquire this new skating rink that will allow it to organize […]

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09 Dec 2022

Introducing our ice rinks in Colombia

Unreal Ice ecological ice rinks finally arrive in Colombia. Our CEO will be introducing our products in Bogotá on March 13 and 14 and in Cartagena de Indias on the 15 and 16 of the same month. Our synthetic ice panels can withstand temperatures of up to +80ºC, making them an ideal solution for countries […]

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08 Dec 2022

Nine ice rinks installed in Portugal

Unreal Ice consolidates its presence in Portugal by installing 9 ice rinks this Christmas. Town halls and shopping centers are the main clients at this time of year, but there are also many event companies, family entertainment centers, theme parks, and hotels that decide to install an ice skating rink. Ecological ice rinks (also known […]

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07 Nov 2022

Unreal Ice will install 8 ice rinks in Spain this Christmas

Christmas is approaching and synthetic ice rinks are the star attraction in many cities, especially this year when energy costs and conventional ice rinks are unfeasible due to their high maintenance costs. At the moment, there are already 8 artificial ice rinks that Unreal Ice will install in Spain, most of them for rent but […]

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02 Nov 2022

Ice rink rental in Macedonia

Unreal Ice will install a 300m2 (3,229 sq ft) synthetic ice rink in Macedonia’s largest shopping mall, located in the country’s capital, Skopje. In addition to the artificial ice rink, users will be able to enjoy 2 curling rinks and a giant snowball that will function as a photocall. If you also want to rent […]

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