We manufacture the best synthetic ice skating rinks (self-lubricated, portable, indoor & outdoor use, no electricity or water required, up 12 years warranty…). Click below for further details:


Hire a synthetic ice rink for Christmas or summer. From just 1 day up to 1 year. Turnkey solution. Wordwide service. We can build any rink size, Request a quote below:



Unreal Ice Rinks offers a limited amount of slightly used synthetic ice that were rented only during a few days last Christmas. Learn more about our refurbished rinks clicking below:


Complete your artificial ice rink with these exclusive accessories that can also be used as a stand-alone attraction.

Some of our trusted clients


Giant snow globe sold in the US

Unreal Ice’s catalog not only includes synthetic ice rinks, but also giant snowballs, curling rinks, bumper cars, artificial snow, etc. We just sold a snowball to an events company located around Chicago, IL (USA). This is a recurring customer who has been trusting in the quality of our products since 2017 and already has several […]

Bumper cars ice rink

Unreal Ice has just rented 2 synthetic ice rinks to an events company that will install a 330m2 (3,550 sq ft) ice skating rink and another 70m2 (750 sq ft) ice skating rink for the exclusive use of ice bumper cars. Both tracks will be installed for the third consecutive year in the Spanish city […]

Outdoor ice rink sold in Saudi Arabia

Unreal Ice has sold a new synthetic ice rink in Saudi Arabia. It will be the new attraction of a family entertainment center located in Riyadh. Thanks to the portable nature of our iceless skating rinks, the client can later move it to other locations in the country. Likewise, thanks to the advanced technology of […]

Two synthetic ice rink rented in Spain

Christmas is approaching and we begin to receive ice rink bookings from any corner of the world. Specifically, we have just received confirmation of two new rentals in Spain for a town hall in Palencia and a hotel in Alicante. Although Unreal Ice synthetic ice rinks can be used all year round, during this time […]

Introducing Unreal Ice Rinks in Florida

No ice, no problem. Now it is possible to ice skate all year round indoors and outdoors in any weather condition thanks to Unreal Ice synthetic ice rinks. From May 15 to 18 we will be presenting all the advantages of the best synthetic ice rinks in Florida. If you are interested in meeting with […]

Bumper cars on ice sold in Bulgaria

Unreal Ice is considered the best synthetic ice company in the world for its unique accessories like bumper cars on ice.This week we have sold 4 ice bumper cars to a luxury hotel located in the center of Bulgaria.Accessories such as curling rinks, bumper cars or giant snow globes make synthetic ice skating rinks a […]


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