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Unreal Ice Rinks offers a limited amount of slightly used synthetic ice that were used only rented during a few days last Christmas.


Complete your artificial ice rink with these exclusive accessories that can also be used as a stand-alone attraction.

Some of our trusted clients


New artificial ice rink in Japan

Unreal Ice will install a synthetic ice rink this Christmas in one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Tokyo. Specifically, it will be installed on the roof of this shopping complex located in the Ginza neighborhood, offering users impressive views of the entire city while they ice skate. Our company can install artificial ice […]

One of the 10 best hotels in the world chooses Unreal Ice

Unreal Ice synthetic ice rinks are normally associated with ecology and energy saving, but increasingly they are also associated with luxury. The possibility of installing an ecological ice rink in places where it was almost impossible before, such as rooftops or countries with warm climates, means that hotels choose our skating rinks more and more […]

Two new synthetic ice rinks in Bulgaria

Unreal Ice has just sold two new ecological ice rinks that will be installed in two hotels in Bulgaria. Both will have 200m2/2,150 sq. ft. and will have bumper cars on ice that will amuse users who do not want to skate. The first of them will be located on the shores of the Black […]

New sale in Croatia

One of our clients in Croatia has decided to buy 6 of our unique bumper cars to make his synthetic ice rink even more attractive and profitable all year round. Unreal Ice bumper cars can be used on our artificial ice rinks without damaging them, thanks to their special wheels that also allow them to […]

First synthetic ice rink in Venezuela

Unreal Ice has just sold a 100m2 (1,075 sq. ft.) ice skating rink that will be installed in a family entertainment center in Acarigua (Venezuela). Specifically, it is a refurbished ecological ice rink that was rented during last Christmas and has now been sold for a reduced price. Unreal Ice artificial ice rinks are an […]

Ice rink rental in Spain

Unreal Ice will install a 98m2 (1,055 sq ft) synthetic ice rink in Valencia, Spain, in June. This artificial ice rink has been rented by a dance company that will play an ice show for 1 month. The main reasons for choosing to install an Unreal Ice ecological ice rink were: almost zero maintenance, ease […]


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