Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I install my synthetic ice rink?

The ideal location should be on a flat, smooth and compact surface, but our tongue and groove connection system allows the installation of the Unreal Ice Rinks® synthetic ice rinks even when the installation site does not meet the optimum conditions. In addition, we would put at your disposal in this case, foam rolls that will help to solve small terrain irregularities. Only in extreme cases it may be necessary to install a technical floor, which, thanks to its adjustable legs, will perfectly level the ground.

What is the expected life of the synthetic ice panel?

The useful life of our synthetic ice panels is 20 years for the PRO version and 10 years for the LITE version. Unreal Ice Rinks® provides a 12-year warranty for the PRO version and 6 years for the LITE.

Are you manufacturers?

Yes, we produce our synthetic ice panels in Spain.

Is it easy to install an Unreal Ice Rinks® synthetic ice rink?

The assembly of our artificial ice rinks is extremely simple. For the installation of the panels it only requires a hammer to install the plugs that will hold them together and for the barriers you only need to tighten a nut and bolt that holds the barriers together. In any case we will send a technician to supervise the first assembly, who will also train its workers in the maintenance, dismantling and storage of their synthatic ice rink

Can I use conventional ice skates?

Yes, both ice hockey skates and those with figure skating blades work perfectly on the Unreal Ice Rinks® synthetic ice rinks.

What happens to the scratches on the panels? Do they have to be polished?

You do not have to worry about the scratches, they do not affect the appearance or the operation. Our synthetic ice panels are made of high density material, and the scratches are only superficial. Theoretically you could polish the panels to remove the scratches, but after a few hours they will be scratched again, so it makes no sense to do so

Can I use the Unreal Ice Rinks® outdoors?

Yes, in fact our panels can be used under any weather conditions, since they support temperatures from -100ºC to + 80ºC. In addition their UV treatment prevents them from changing their color during prolonged exposure to the sun.

What maintenance is required?

Very simple: Clean dust and dirt daily with a vacuum cleaner or a mop. Every 5 or 7 days clean the skating rink with a rotary disc scrubber. Use only neutral pH soap.