15 Aug 2017


To improve the profitability of your business we can influence in both Costs and Revenues:

  • COSTS:

Ecological ice rinks are very popular all over the world. Global warming and rising electrical costs make conventional ice rinks an increasingly expensive option and many customers are choosing to install a synthetic ice rink because of their low maintenance cost. In any case, it is important to keep in mind that these costs vary depending on the brand chosen. Buying self-lubricating panels is essential to avoid having to apply expensive sliding liquids every day or even after a few hours. In any case, not all products that claim to be self-lubricating really are, other manufacturers use very small proportions of lubricant that disappears within a few weeks. Therefore, if you see that they also offer the possibility of buying lubricating liquid, be wary, it is a sign that the self-lubricating effect of these synthetic ice panels is minimal. Unreal Ice Rinks® panels contain the highest percentage of lubrication on the market so we guarantee its self-lubricating effect for at least 12 years in the PRO version and 6 years in the LITE version.



The revenue obtained from the management of a synthetic ice rink varies according to the chosen business model. A portable ice rink is not the same as one that is permanent, nor a hockey training rink to one dedicated to leisure. Other factors to consider are the country where the synthetic rink will be installed (ticket prices will vary) or the exact location of the same (shopping center, FEC’s, amusement park, municipality, etc.). Thanks to the expertise of the Unreal Ice Rinks® staff globally, we can advise you on each of these sectors to help you develop your business plan together. In any case, we offer more accessories to complete your artificial ice rink than any other manufacturer, which will allow you to maximize the revenue of your business.


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