Discover the advantages that only Unreal Ice offers you.


More than 10 years of experience in 74 countries on 5 continents. No other sales team in the synthetic ice industry has sold rinks in so many countries like us and for so long. This allows us to adapt your business plan, avoiding mistakes and maximizing results.


We are manufacturers: We can adapt your ice rink to any size or shape or even any color. By controlling the manufacturing from the beginning we can offer you exactly what you need with total adaptability, the important thing is to offer a personalized experience without limits for your business.


We offer in addition to the synthetic ice panels a wide variety of accessories to complete your artificial ice rink. We can take care of the shipping and the assembly. We will also provide advice on all phases of your project and will train your staff to ensure the success of your busines


We provide you with a tool to calculate the ROI of your business by adapting the variables according to your country or type of activity (portable/permanent rink, leisure/hockey training, etc.).


Unreal Ice Rinks® synthetic ice rinks are made in Spain to ensure you will enjoy a premium product for the best price that will ensure the long-term success of your business.


Our obsession is that your rink will become a very profitable business, this what differentiates us from our competitors. That’s why we reduce our marketing and fixed costs to the maximum so you can buy the best product on the market for a reasonable price. Also we provide you unique accessories that will allow you to increase your rink revenues